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Why did I decide to make
this page?

Because too many times I've seen people not able to renew their visa or able to come back to Japan, or to get granted the right to see their kids enough, or fathers paying outrageous child support or even going to jail and more only because they didn't understand the system, the language or they didn't have a lawyer or support.
I thought that with this page I could help others with such major issues and help myself, doing what I like and I am good at. I do not take money from lawyers to introduce clients and I don't take money from clients to introduce lawyers, I just charge for translating therefore it's a win-win. So, help me help you!

I am not a lawyer
but I am a great advocate

I am a foreigner living in Japan working mainly as a legal interpreter. I have been interpreting and translating for over 500 criminal and civil cases.
These includes cases of assault, battery, injury, drugs, divorce, child abduction, obtaining a visa, problems with employer/
employees, landlords and everything in between, at Police stations, Immigration Centers, for Mediation, Court House, Law Firms, Visa (Immigration) lawyers' office or coffee shops, you name it!
I have also faced uncountable problems and challenges in my own life and believe that almost every problem can be solved.
I never give up until I find a solution, so I am positive I can help you through whatever you are struggling with.

Tell me what's your problem
and I will explain to you
what you need

Not sure what kind of legal assistance you need or if you even need it? I will help you to figure it out.
Need an interpreter ? A translator? I'm here, working in English, Japanese, Italian and Spanish and finding interpreter for other languages.
Don't understand the legal system in Japan? I will help you understand it.
Need a Counsel? A Lawyer? An Immigration Lawyer (Visa Specialist)? I will not only help you find the right one, but I will assist you as an interpreter through the process helping you get what is fair in Japan.
In 15 years of experience with the Tokyo Bar Association I have met very good lawyers including Immigration Lawyers (Visa specialists), I will be happy to help you find the best person for you.